Bobby Moore – Associate, Ireland

Bobby Moore is a registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist (ICP) and certified group psychotherapist (AGPA) working in Belfast.  A former ordained member in a religious congregation of the Catholic tradition he then spent many years with a voluntary agency offering residential therapeutic communities for mental health care. While there he was Joint Course Director for the Masters in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast, and eventually Assistant Director for non-residential services.  Currently Bobby is self-employed as a psychotherapist, supervisor, executive coach, mediator and facilitator. He works internationally with a number of religious communities, of various denominations, supporting sustainable leadership through individual and team supervision, leadership coaching and leadership workshops. He facilitates Chapters, Assemblies and community processes and is Director of the Diploma in Reflexive Supervision, which is co-delivered with a team of practitioners from a wide range of professional backgrounds. He also works as a trainer and supervisor for social work, education, nursing, psychology and multi-disciplinary teams in the NHS.


  • Diploma in Reflexive Supervision (100 hrs.)
  • Leadership in Challenging Times: a series of five 2-day workshops promoting resourceful, sustainable and resilient leadership in pastoral contexts.
    1. Awakening the Leader Within – exploring your personal philosophy of leadership.
    2. Embracing Shared Vision – participative leadership in groups, teams & communities.
    3. Understanding and Managing Conflict – harnessing the creative potential of conflict.
    4. Co-creating Learning Environments – blending cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence.
    5. Leaders as Facilitators – holding a space in which others can be their best.



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Research interests

Bobby is currently researching the opportunities and challenges of developing pastoral supervision in Indian and African cultural contexts.