Michael Paterson – Director

Michael PatersonMichael is an Anglican priest, psychotherapist, pastoral supervisor and trainer based in Fife, Scotland. He is director of Joining the Dots consultancy and consultant to the NHS Education for Scotland Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Unit. In addition to the publications listed below, Michael sits on the editorial boards of Practical Theology and the Journal of Health & Social Care. In 2018 he will be lecturing/facilitating workshops for the Methodist Church UK; The Scottish Episcopal Institute; the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology Warwick, England; Transforming Practices, Sydney Australia; the Australian and New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Hobart, Australia and the Roman Catholic Church in Malta.


  • Course Director Certificate & Diploma in Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice, Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Course Director Certificate & Diploma in Cross-Professional Creative Supervision, Edinburgh.
  • Lead trainer for Values Based Reflective Practice, NHS Spiritual Care Scotland
  • Course design and delivery for Community Chaplaincy Listening volunteers, NHS Education for Scotland


  • Lead NHS Scotland review of chaplaincy education, training and formation 2013.
  • Doctoral research into ministry, education and supervising on the edge. (Doctorate in Practical Theology, University of Glasgow, 2017)
  • Research into post graduate formational programme for spiritual care practitioners, Edinburgh.
  • Five Year plan for Values Based Reflective Practice programme, NHS Scotland.


2010, Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook with Jane Leach. SCM

2014, Empowering Ministry: Supervision in Context with Jessica Rose. SCM

2015, Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook, Second Edition with Jane Leach. SCM

2018, Values Based Reflective Practice: A Handbook in preparation.

2018, The Pastoral Care of Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Redemptorist Publications, in preparation.

2018, Creative Reflection: An Anthology for Supervision Trainers, in preparation.


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2014      Emerging Paradigms in Health and Social Care: Disorientation or                                        Reorientation?’ Journal of Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 2.1

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2015     ‘Supervision, Support and Safe Practice’  in A Handbook of Chaplaincy Studies.

2016      Formation Programme for Community Chaplaincy Listening, NHS Education for Scotland, Glasgow.

2016      Community Chaplaincy Listening: A Handbook for Best Practice, NHS Education for Scotland, Glasgow.

2016     Kinship in the Borderlands of Praxis: A Theological Performance Autoethnography, Doctoral Thesis, University of Glasgow.

2017     Values Based Reflective Practice: A Handbook for Best Practice, NHS Education for Scotland, Glasgow.

2017     Values Based Reflective Practice: Trainers’ Handbook, NHS Education for Scotland, Glasgow.

Contact: michael@ipsrp.org.uk